PFAS “Forever Chemicals”

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are a large family of thousands of synthetic chemicals, widely used within society and found in the environment. All PFAS are highly persistent in nature. They remain in
nature much longer than any other man-made substance.

Some PFAS are known to accumulate in humans and other species, and to have toxic effects. The process of removing PFAS can be quite complicated, due to the many chemical challenges.

Ineffective techniques include bio-degradation, micron filtration, sand filtration, ultra-filtration, coagulation, flocculation, clarification and oxidation using ultraviolet light, hypochlorite, chlorine dioxide, chloramine, ozone or permanganate. None of these techniques will work.

The only techniques that have been found to remove PFAS from water are activated carbon adsorption which removes PFAS from groundwater and drinking water.

Aquatethys Atmospheric Water Generators*

Ion exchange and reverse osmosis are also used to treat PFAS. These last two technologies will allow us to conclude whether the water that is produced by our water generator* is polluted. This possibility however, remains minute or non-existant because:

  • The water we produce is demineralized.
  • The water from our equipment is captured by millions of micro-droplets that have not agglutinated and grouped together in a cloud, unlike rainwater, so the water captured has not been polarized.

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