About us

“When the well’s dry, we know the worth of water.”
Benjamin Franklin

Our patented technology is second to none.

Our generator produces pure, natural, potable water with no chemical content.

Our water is mineralized and processed for human consumption.

Men have since antiquity sought to recover the water contained in the atmosphere.

The Incas collected humidity thanks to fog traps made up of large nets which they stretched between two masts.

The Persians used towers in terracotta built in such a way as to cause a flow and a natural convection of air from the hot surfaces towards the cold surfaces.

And now there's Fluides Concept Ghana.

Two entrepreneurs with complementary roles.

Our team



Subhi Accad is a Business Executive and the Honorary Consul of Mexico in Ghana. With a career spanning various fields, including automotive and healthcare, his passion for international relations is evident in his role, and he also extends his commitment to supplying clean water to Ghana, Africa, and the world.
Through his unwavering dedication, Subhi Accad plays a crucial role actively contributing to humanitarian causes as a board chairman of Operation Smile Ghana.



Carlo’s background is in sport. He has travelled to many countries around the world to work as a coach. For some time now, he has dedicated himself to real estate trading in Europe. When he discovered the project that can produce drinking water from the humidity in the air, it was clear that he wanted to offer clean water for Africa. Carlo is based in Switzerland and Ghana, handles the networking of African distributors and the framework for agreements and joint ventures.