Creating Drinking Water  from Air

“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.”
— Loren Eiseley

Water Is Sacred and Essential to Life.

Despite being recognized as a fundamental right by the United Nations, access to drinking water is not guaranteed and has severe consequences on many communities all over the world. Famine, irresponsible irrigation and bad farming practices, poor water management, lack of infrastructure and climate change are just a few examples of contributing factors leading to the inaccessibility of healthy drinking water on a global level.

Our patented technology is second to none. Our generator produces pure, natural, potable water with no chemical content. Our water is mineralized and processed for human consumption.

We Offer A Unique Solution from Above.

Our solution

Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG), the only system of its kind bringing you an abundance of fresh, pure and clean drinking water from the air, using patented technology to harness its power by creating energy via its compression capacities.

Atmospheric water generators

presented in the shape of technical containers, integrating all the components that enable them to produce water in a totally autonomous way


that run on solar, gas, fuel oil, electricity or hot water, which allows us to be located in areas where there are no or few energy sources.

Small kit

allow to quickly provide water to populations in emergency situations: sanitary crises, natural disasters, floods or wars. They can adapt to dense and dusty atmospheres

Water Is Sacred and Essential to Life.

Why using Atmospheric Water Generator  can help.

Water Stress

Global water shortage can lead to famine. Bad irrigation of crops and soil impacts wildlife, flora and fauna and induces health risks for everyone.

Global Warming

Global warming is leading to massive evaporation which leads to other problems such as limited supplies of water.


Main fresh water sources are being over exploited by companies and that has dramatic repercussions in every aspect of our lives

Fundamental right

Despite being recognized as a fundamental right by the United Nations, access to drinking water is not guaranteed in most part of the world.

We Offer A Unique Solution from Above.

How It Works

Humidity in the air.

Humidity is the concentration of water vapor present in the air; the gaseous state of water generally invisible to the human eye.

Surrounding air

Surrounding air is absorbed and cooled down just under dew point temperature using humidity to produce water.

Fluidesconcept Ghana

Collected water is mineralised, making premium quality drinking water a readily available resource.

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